Cascade filtering repeating group using multi dropdowns

Hi, I’m trying to design a simple search page with three multi dropdowns in cascade:

  • The first multi dropdown, as shown below, does a search for “products” with no constraints:

Screenshot (19)

  • Then, based on the inputs (up to a maximum of two) of said dropdown, another multi dropdown is filtered. In this case it does a search for “modules”, where “ID_associated_product” (a column in the database which contains lists of “products”) contains the first selected item of the other dropdown merged with the second item, as shown in the screenshot below:

  • The same occurs with the third multi dropdown, which filters a search for “Areas” where “ID_associated_modules” contains the first two items of the second dropdown, again using a merged with function:

  • Up to this point everything works well. Now what I would like to do is to use the input of all these dropdowns to filter a repeating group which shows items from the database. However, I would ideally like to start fetching data from the database after a button is clicked, whereas in the way I’ve implemented it (figure below) the items are always shown and filtered instantly as multi dropdowns values are modified. For a better understanding of what I’m doing in the repeating group below: a search for “UseCases” is perfomed, with the first two constraints related to the first dropdown, the third, fourth and fifth constraints related to the second dropdown, and the latter two related to the third dropdown (don’t mind the 6th constraint).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Of course if you need more information don’t mind asking!

I haven’t read this post in detail but:

This is logically equivalent to one constraint where ID contains list Multidropdown’s value. You can at least simplify that.

Yes, I know I can just use “items until #”; however, what I’m asking with this post is unrelated to that. Still, that’s definitely something I’ll change.

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