Filter with and - or - and does not work

I have a filtering on a Repeating group which somehow does not work. As you can see in the screenshot in the final constraint I do an AND - OR - AND filtering. If I try them separate it works but combining them with OR it doesn’t. The weird thing is that only the second AND function is used.

Is this even possible? Doing an AND - OR - AND in one constraint?

Firstly, you might want to move the top 3 constraints to the search itself rather than the filter. That should be quicker.

Bubble evaluates left to right so it isn’t doing (A and B) or (C and D). It will be (A and B or C) and D. Or something like that.

The way to do it is to replace the OR with two searches and a Merge.

So (A and B) merged with (C and D).

Hi Nigel, many thanks. I understand now why its not working. To make it more difficult I need to compare it to “Creator / Participants”, “Creator”, “Participants” and “all users” which the user can change in the settings of the app.

So these are four seperate filters needed. 4 x (A and B or C or D) I tried to do a merged by but then i end up with:
search for tasks:filtered:merged by:search for tasks:filtered: etc.

This filtering ends up in a long loading time with 0 results. Guess it doesn’t work. Is a filter as I want it impossible?

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