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I have a search page that works with several different filters on a repeating group of programs/activities. I’ve figured out how to show the user all programs that meet age OR season OR price OR category OR start date requirements, but not how to show those filters as AND (i.e. age AND season AND price AND category, etc.). Some filters are radio buttons (age, season), some are inputs (start date), some are drop down (type of deadline) and some are buttons (category, subcategory). There are about 10 categories and almost 100 subcategories in total.

I’ve got a bunch of conditionals set up in my repeating group to do searches for specific fields (age, season, price, etc.) of my type Program.

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Any suggestions how to do this so I get AND results instead? Also, the user doesn’t HAVE to use any of the filters if they don’t want to, so the search/results need to allow for that. @natedogg or @fayewatson do you happen to have any suggestions on this?

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As far as I know, you’ll need to use the “When” block to explicitly call out every possible permutation of AND.

Thanks @andrewgassen. You can’t think of any other ways to handle this? It would literally be 100’s of permutations with the categories (navigation), subcategories (navigation), and then the filters for age, season, start date, deadline type that we have?

I really don’t know of any other way, but some of the others on the forum might. In general, searching is a pain in Bubble. I can’t imagine the nightmare it would be to create an Amazon-ish marketplace with the tools we have.

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Can you share a link or a screenshot of the UI to get an idea of the filters setup? (Can PM if you prefer!) At first glance, could the Search just be “Search for Programs”, Constraint: Age = Radio Button’s value? Then add the other possible categories as constraints instead of manually entering each possible value as its own conditional?

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Thanks for answering @fayewatson. I’ve changed the app the everyone can view for a little while:

The issue with constraining by anything other than location + category/subcategory/interest (universal search) is that if the user doesn’t pick an age group right away, then they don’t get any results.

I’m having a really tough time with this because my index page allows users to search by category or by interest (keyword) + location. Then they are delivered to a search results page where they can drill down further by filtering for a variety of different parameters like age, application deadline, deadline type, season. On the search page they should also be able to do a new search by top navigation category and subcategories (coming soon), as well as changing the location and/or universal search (keywords).

Le me know if you can see what you need to with the link. Thank you!!

No problem! :slight_smile: I haven’t finished this demo yet, but most of the options for category, subcategory are there (*All custom states are stored on the Repeating Group Program):



I think it may be easier to adjust the filter elements used in order to limit the amount of conditionals. For example, I changed the age range radio buttons to a range slider, and changed that field to be of type “numeric range”. This way, all ages are selected by default and the User can easily adjust it on page load. This will be more flexible so you’re not limited to three different age types.

I’m not sure what the best method is to use for Days of the Week, but I think a boo/lean for each day might make things more difficult for search. I’ll try creating a custom type that stores a number and a weekday associated with that number and test that to see if we can use a repeating group of checkboxes there. I’ll get back to this later for sure! :slight_smile:


This is amazing @fayewatson ! Thank you SO much for your help! One thing - I can’t seem to access the editor version of your mock-up to see the workflows, etc.?

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No problem at all! :slight_smile: And ah, sorry about that! It looks like &amp is being added to the URL. How about this one? *The first didn’t work again, but if you click the link below, then go to the page “search-filters” that should do it!

@fayewatson just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you SO much for putting this example together for me! I spent al week trying different variations of it and finally got everything to work relatively well. Thank you again!

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Awesome to hear, @torusteens!! :tada: So glad it’s working as you need it to! It’s my pleasure! :blush:

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