Is this an **and** or **or** function?

When doing a “Search for”, will the following search for RESI DOOR and FRENCH DOOR? I was confused if it an and or or function.


Hi there, @darren.james7518… when you add constraints to the same search, those constraints are joined with and, meaning all of the constraints must be true in order for an item to be returned in the search.



Thanks Mike … I need to search for either, any idea on the best way to do this? Should I just define another condition and copy the condition but search for each item separately?

I believe any of these could work, with the first and last one having only one of the product type constraints on each of the searches, and the middle one using an advanced filter as shown.

The advanced filter would likely be the least performant, so I would go with one of the other two if they work for you. Oh, and if you haven’t enabled the experimental parentheses feature on the Settings >> Versions tab, you should enable it.


The “OR” operator via-a-via searches is “merged with”:


Thanks so much Mike, this will solve the issue for me :slight_smile: