Filtering a Dashboard Between Date Ranges

I have created a dash board allowing users to see their sales performance: Revenue, Profit and Cost of Good Sold. By default they can see their total performance but I would like to allow them to use a “from Date” and “to Date” fields to select a range of dates. What’s the best way to go about this?

I’ve tried using the rage of dates but it’s not working for me.

add filters

Appreciate the reply. My use case is a little different. What I’m trying to track is a total of sales (Profit, Revenue, etc.) between a range of two dates. Not sure if I have my database structured correctly but I have a date field “salesDate”

Start day and End day create dates ranges for “saleDate”. You select these dates from Calendar. After that RG will display Total Sales between these two dates.
Just play around with HRsoftware to see how works date range.