Filtering a data source from an external API

I am creating a repeating group with the data source coming from an Airtable data source. I want to filter the Airtable list based on the value in the input field. I am unsure how to do that.

I added a constraint when selecting the API Provider, but that doesn’t modify the output. I get the same result every time, which is the full list of values. I tested changing the data source to add a filter, but then it doesn’t work, and I get no values. Would appreciate any help.

I followed this tutorial to do the work, but changed my approach to reference an External API instead

You need add a parameter in your api call to get filtered results directly from Airtable.

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This is my attempt. I get a weird error with no outputs


What am I doing wrong with the filter? Is it somehow not capturing the value in the input?