Repeating group filtered(urgent)

Guys, I have a repeater group and I want to show only the data for the current day, not for days before or after today.

I would like to know if there is how to get data from the aritable api without using zapier or others, and use it as temporary data in the bubble.


Bubble now have an Airtable plugin! You should use it!

But in your search, you can use filter
Created date > Current date:set hours to 0, set min to 0, set sec to 0
Created date < Current date Set hours to 23, set min to 59, set sec to 59

Thanks for help,

I tryed this below

lets see if it will work!

i’m already usind airtable plugin

how about get data from airtable and use on bubble as temporary data?

This depend on what you are trying to do with the airtable Data. Most of the time you will use a RG with Get Data from API
But in some case you may want to display only one item. You will also use GET Data from API but with :filtered options and :first item

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Im sorry what is RG?

Can i search for itens on airtable, like on repeating group ?

RG = Repeating group
You will not “Search” item but call the Airtable using Get data from API. Once it’s done, you can filter items


I want to use airtable because the bubble memory is small , so I want to use airtable as a database

Bubble memory? What do you mean?

Doc for airtable plugin (by Bubble)

Bubble memory

I mean bubble database memory, it cannot be overloaded too much as it slows down the application.


Bigger your airtable DB will be, slower it will be too. Bubble will need to load all data (but you can use filter I think to laod them all). But it’s not so different than from Bubble database calling. There’s a lot you can do to speed the loading of data to get thing load faster. Also, the application is not directly slowing down by the DB size. This depend on how many data you are calling! This will not be different with Airtable. One difference with Bubble is when you use field that reference other DB. In some case, this can increase the data loaded a lot. But again, there’s a lot of thing you can do to make your app faster just by managing correctly the call your are doing to DB and the structure of your DB.

look to see if u can help me

I have this airtable database

and I want to fill this RP with that airtable data

In data source, Use Get Data from API
You will find Airtable - Name of DB
And because you want to display one thing, You will probably need to use :filtered and : first item

The data came strange

how can i separete and filter to see only the OS Nr. im looking for?


I want to do a search and get only the OS Nr. that i need, and This OS Nr. shoud bring other dates together.

You are probably saving a list of thing in a field that is not a list. You don’t need to store data into Bubble DB if you are calling Airtable DB. You can just display data. You can use regex to split text and create an array too if needed.

Maybe you can make your app in public view mode?

I dont know how to do that.
There is a way to send to you?

In setting, General, select everyone can view and share editor link

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