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Filtering a List Based on Creator's Name

I’m not sure why I can’t figure this one out…

I have a list of things "transactions"of a custom data type. I have a search box to filter the list… In the repeating group of transactions, I do a search for transactions and add the constraint “any field contains input search’s value”. This successfully filters the transaction based on any field I have created (amount), but I can’t seem to get it to filter based on the creator’s name.

I have tried :filter advanced “This transaction creator’s name is in input search’s value” and many derivations thereof. Any suggestions?

Have you tried Created by = Current User? Not sure if this is what you’re asking, could be worth a try :slight_smile:


Thats not what I’m after, but thanks for the reply.

I am trying to filter a list via an input, by searching for the creators name, in the instance where the data is not a list of users.

@emmanuel, any chance you can take a look at this and tell me how to sort a list based on the creator’s name? Or is this only possible if the list type is user?

You can filter on a field if it’s a first level field. In this case you should store the name as a field on the thing. Then you’ll be able to sort based on it.