Filter Database by Creator

I can’t seem to figure out something that I expect is quite simple. I’ve searched the Bubble docs and this forum but don’t see the same question.

I am viewing my database with the editor and I just want to filter a datatype by the Created by field. Searches work for other fields, but don’t seem to work when searching by an email address.

How do I find the records for a specific account in the database editor?


What do you mean when you say it doesn’t work?.. it’s not showing the correct items? Or not showing any items at all? Or what?

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Thanks for your reply. Sorry I was not more clear.

What I mean is I type in the email address for a user where I can see records of that data type. But the result is empty. I suspect there is a different way to filter by user for a data type.

For example, if I have a data type Lists and user1’s email address is [email protected], then how do I find all records for Lists where the Created by field is [email protected]? If I search [email protected] in the search box, the result is empty, even though I can see the records on the screen when unfiltered.

Ah, I see… yeah the search bar on the data tab isn’t very useful…

Instead, you need to create a new ‘view’ - then you can apply whatever filtering you need.

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Oh wow. Thank you. I have created other views before but didn’t see that I can add a search constraint to it. What an odd UI. So I guess I have to modify that view’s search constraint each time I want to look at it differently.


Yep… that’s what database views are for…

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