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Filter repeating group results

Hi there,

I’m still fairly new to the platform but I think I’m making good headway.
I’m stuck trying to get the repeating group to filter the results according to options that a user chooses from three drop downs. I can’t seem to get the repeating group to connect with the drop down elements in order to filer results.

Test link is here:
Can anyone help please and Thank You


Looks like you need to fill in some holes before you can filter properly - your first 2 dropdowns contain static values that aren’t found anywhere in your test data. For example, none of your service providers’ service type contain any of the options in the Services Needed dropdown and there isn’t a field at all for Event Type under Service Providers. Unless I’m missing something, you’ll need to create the corresponding fields for the dropdown values and also provide some test data with some values that will match.

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Hi @romanmg ,

Thanks for the advice, so I went back to look into this and fix my test data.
Does this ensure that the repeating group will be filtered accordingly, or do I need to make the static inputs dynamic and link them to my test data?

Really appreciate your help.