How to use date to date filter

I need help for the friends i want to use in my repeating group data, a date to date filter
for example, i have database which is “sales” so i want know most sales products that i made for the last two months or any other comparing months, weeks or any days i need
to filter so in my case i used date/time picker’s with button “Filter” so i when ever i choose date/time picker then i clicked my button filter i want seeing data filtered assume that i have choosed [from 1/01/2024 to 20/01/2024] between that twenty days left i wante to filte. So, How i do that? any who used before or has an high understanding date to date filter can help me.

You could filter the sales based on a date range by adding a constraint in your search.

In your repeating group’s data source (I assume it’s a search) just add a constraint for the created date (assuming created date is the date of the sale)

This would work if you’re only filtering for 1 dates. However, if you want to filter using two dates - start and end time, you would need to add two constraints:

  1. created date is more than or equal to start date (date and time input)
  2. created date is less than or equal to end date (date and time input)

Also, do not forget to round off the date to day so you would start with 12:00 am if you’re adding a time in your date and time input

This would then show the sales that are in those two dates.

Hope this helps!