Filtering a repeating group by date

I have a repeating group I sorted according to date created , so I’m trying to create a filter by date method which when the user clicks on a particular date it will show the item or items with that date

Hey @godwinalugbin004

When the user clicks on a prompt, I’m assuming a button, you would simply need to add a filter or constraint on a repeating group where date = date and time picker’s value

If you don’t have a button, that’s fine as well. You would simply need to use when an input's value is changed

Also, totally not related to your question but I’m 100% sure this would help. Try checking out daisy chain filtering method for your repeating groups. This would filter your repeating groups super fast even with multiple filters.

Btw, there could be a couple of nuances and other possible ways since we don’t know how you structured your database

Hi there, @godwinalugbin004… if I understand your post correctly, constraints on the repeating group’s data source that look something like the following should do the trick.

Hope this helps.



Thanks boss

Will implement this.

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