Filtering does not work

Hi bubblers,

I made a simple task management system.

There are 3 filter buttons.
“All tasks” “Complete” “Ongoing”

I display data with actions in RG.

“All Tasks” and “Completed” do the filtering, but the “Ongoing” button does not perform this filtering. Interestingly, only “yes” and “no” change in the same filtering options.

Please help me, where is my mistake?

Devam eden = Ongoing
Completed = Tamamlananlar
Görevler = All Tasks

I’m sure you’re too busy and this is a simple question. But, my data is right, actions are true and i check this stiutaions min. 50 times.

Where is my mistake? please help @NigelG @romanmg @vincent56 or somebody :smile:

Can you link to your editor with app set to Public ?

Thank you. I send a message with link.

This RG in dashboard page.

Solution is here. Thanks again @NigelG