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Suggesting similar items through tags

I can’t figure out what’s wrong with my tags system.

Structure outline:
Data type = Design
Data field in “Design” = List of text

In this page below, I set the repeating group data source to be design & to do a search for Designs whose tags (list of text) contain Current Page Tags (list of text)
→ I want the constraint to be Do a search for Design (tags contain ANY current page tags). Im not sure why its not returning any value.

Any insights into this is greatly appreciated!

@phetxdphet I know I’m stating the obvious here but have you checked that the page has a tag and that based on the database records there should be a result? Also, have you checked the search details in debug mode? Does that provide any clarity? Any privacy rules in place?

If you are doing a list-to-list search (checking if selected items in list A are also in list B), you have to do that via an advanced filter and :intersect with. You’ll see posts in the forum explaining the process.

Hey @AlexE,
Thanks for the suggestion, almost thought I choked on the privacy rules but realised I haven’t set one for this data type yet. But a good reminder to do so nonetheless

Hey @ed727
I found the post and it works wonders. Thanks for the help!


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