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Filtering list of text using list of text?

I have a product table in Airtable that I want to use and filter using multiselect dropdown. I’ve tried to search and read past discussions but still can’t figure out how to do it or if it’s possible at all.

The table has several multi-select columns (converted to list-of-text columns once connected to Bubble) and users need to be able to filter like this:


So the filter needs to return every product that meets AT LEAST one value (everything must be ‘OR’-ed). One suggestion I saw was to search Materials, Certification, Brand, Features separately and merge the results. However I still can’t get past list-of-text (dropdown) vs list-of-text (data) filtering.

Anyone has idea how to solve this please?

Here are a couple of forum posts that might help

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Thanks @boston85719 ! I’ve been reading both threads a few times and still trying to apply them on my app. So far I’ve managed to make it works but only when filtering with 1 attribute.

For example if I filter by Materials alone and select 2 or more values, the RG is correctly displaying products that have at least 1 material. The same thing happen if I filter by Certifications alone, it works. However, I still can’t get RG to display correctly if I filter both by Materials and by Certifications.

I’m probably missing something here so I’ll tweak it some more and come back for further help.

Once again thanks for pointing me to the right direction!

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