Filtering Logic in Repeating Group

Hello everyone!

So i have a problem of duplicated entries in my repeating group.

In my repeating group, i have a setup where each of the 5 pages displays 10 entries (these entries are studentsbtw). Without any filters like age or university, the entries display correctly without any repetition. However, when I apply filters, the entries start repeating.
For instance, let’s say I have 11 students in total from University X. On the first page, everything displays correctly. But on the second page, instead of just showing the remaining student, it shows 9 previous students again that appeared on Page 1, along with the one that was missed, making up 10 entries on the page. It seems like some entries are being duplicated to fill up the set number of 10 per page.

What do you suggest me to do?

Thank you very much!

There is a simple checkbox on the repeating group to ‘display partial lists’ on last page

Thank you very much!

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