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Filter Repeating Groups

Hi all,

I am using a filter on a repeating group. The filter works but rather than filtering, it just brings the results to the top of the repeating group. I can’t work out what I am doing wrong.

Is there a reason why your data source is set in the Condition tab rather than Appearance tab?

Below is what I would have done:

Element: Repeating Group User
Tab: Appearance
Type of Content: Users
Data Source: Search for Users:filtered

(Then click ‘:filtered’)

Tab: List Filter
Value: Name contains keywords(s) Analysis Filter Box’s value
(Ignore empty constraints)

Thanks. It seems to have the same effect. The filtered results come to the top of the repeating group, but the remainder of the repeating group is listed underneath. Really strange.

Try creating a new RG & Filter to see if you still get the same error. (Might be some random overlooked issue with your current RG & Filter)

Yeah I thought of that. Still get the same issue when I build a simple repeating group and filter on another page. Feels like a bug?

Yes, most likely a bug in that case as there isn’t a practical reason why a filter should change the sort of a table rather than actually filtering it.