Search results in a repeating group inside another repeating group

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to filter repeating group’s content based on a search query. The issue is that I have a repeating group inside a repeating group: there is “Entry” repeating group that displays all entries and there is also “Answer” repeating group that displays a list of answers that belong to each entry. Since entries contain almost no information – all information is contained in the “answer” things, I need to filter these answers.

But as “Answer” repeating group is inside the “Entry” repeating group, I don’t seem to be able to create a “display list” workflow for it – I can only create a workflow for the Entry repeating group. I would appreciate any help. It’s possible that it’s my data structure is a problem but I hope there is some kind of a workaround. Thank you!

Hi @nmlssregs_bubbleis :slight_smile: Can you temporarily set your app to public and share a link to your app editor? (You can set it to public by going to Settings --> General --> Application Rights --> Everyone can view) Or a few screenshots of your repeating group setup and data structure?

Hi @fayewatson,

Thank you for the response! You should be able to view the app here:

And here are screenshots:

Thank you again!

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Awesome! Thanks! :slight_smile:

What are the searches you have set up for the two repeating groups? I’m assuming the Entry repeating group is the outer repeating group, and the Answer repeating group is inside the Entry cell?

If so, the Entry repeating group data source could be: “Do a Search for Entries”, and the inner Answer repeating group data source could be: “Do a Search for Answers” (constraint: in_what_entry = Current cell’s Entry).

Hi @fayewatson, this is exactly how it is set-up right now.

The issue is that since the page type is also “entry” (just like the type of the outer repeating group), I don’t seem to be able to filter answers based on the search query. Take a look at this page:

I only get one option – to filter entries.


But ‘entries’ don’t contain any text – all the text is in the ‘answers’.

I’d appreciate any pointers! Thank you!

@nmlssregs_bubbleis Ah, I think I got it (let me know if not)! :slight_smile: You would like to display Entrys, but only the Entrys that have Answers which contain the search input’s value, correct?

If so, could you use “Do a Search for Answers (constraint: Text contains Input Search’s value)'sEntrys”?

*Note: At the moment the search is a ‘searchbox’ element. I would change this to a regular input if you’d like the User to be able to enter keywords to search by


This has worked, thank you so much! Really appreciate your help!

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Awesome! :slight_smile: My pleasure!!