Nested Repeating Group Behaviour


I am trying to better understand teh expected behavior of nested repeating groups (RGs) when applying filters.

I have 3 types of data
Level 1, Level 2, Level 3

Level 1 can have more than 1, level 2s
Level 2 can have more than 1, level 3s.

I have 3 RGs.
RG1 (holds level 1 data) and contains RG2 (which holds level 2 data filtered by the associated level 1 data) which contains RG3 (which contains level 3 data filtered by the associated level 2 data)

I am trying to filter the contents of the 3 repeating groups based on a selection in a cell of the level 3 RG. (So I click a level 3 cell and RG 3 only displays that cells, RG2s collapse, displaying only the level 2 that is related to that level 3 cell, etc.)

I can’t seem to get this to work?

Has anyone encountered this problem and able to provide any advice?

Thanks a lot!

you need to conditionally change the datasource of your rg for level two when the level 3 selection has been made…you need to have the datasource of rg level 2 change conditionally to be ‘selected level 3s’ level 2 converted to list’…need convert to list because a level 3 should only have one level 2 and in an rg it needs more than one value, so when needing to display a single value in an rg after the expression for the datasource need to use operator to convert to list.

Thanks boston85719! I will try that out