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Filtering repeating group question

Hey bubblers.

I’m wondering if there is something which can be inputted into a constraint to effectively ‘remove’ the constraint.In the below example, I’d like to be able to put something into ‘Searchdashboard’s Location’ that causes ALL locations to be returned (which is the equivalent of not having the constraint in operation).

Any ideas?

I don’t think I understand properly. Wouldn’t you just remove the constraints?

PT, I would - but is there a way to say something like ‘when Searchdashboard’s Location (A state) is All’ then remove the constraint?

If the objective is to sometimes constrain the list and at other times not, then what I have done to achieve something similar is to have a ‘Show All’ button above my RG. When clicked it sets a custom state on my RG, called ‘filtered’, to No. Then I have a condition that says when filtered is no, data source = the same search, but without the constraint. You could go a bit further and have the button text toggle between Show All and Show Filtered and toggle the filtered custom state no and yes respectively.

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I’d follow what @louisadekoya mentioned in the post above. Use a custom state that sets the data source, and trigger that custom state whenever your desired condition is true. Should work!

Change the datasource of the target element based on a condition/state set elsewhere.

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