Filtering expressions

Hello everyone,
Looking to get some help/direction on building filtering options like the image below where there are predefined filtered options/expression.

Help Please.

Hey aliekuki,

You could do this using a dropdown (or it would be simple enough to make a group focus and style it like the example you’ve posted).

If you’re doing this using a dropdown element, you could set up some conditionals on your repeating group. WHEN dropdown A’s value is “status:canceled”, (then change the data source of your repeating group and add the appropriate constraints).

You could do the same thing using custom states. Imagine that a user clicks on a text element called “status:canceled”. You could set a custom state on any element on the page when that happens. Then you’d do the same thing with your repeating group with conditionals: WHEN element a’s custom state is ____________, (change the data source of the repeating group).

Hope this helps!

Thank You Jacob,

I am using a Group Focus actually but I get the gist, I think the issue I had was selecting multiple constraints from the Group Focus/Dropdown and also showing it in the search input .

For example in the image below, what I have so far.

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