Filtering Repeating Group using Search Box


I am trying to build a website which help you find comic series that matches your interests.

On the Home page, I have three Dropdown. One for “genres”, “type of comic” and desired “language”. The choices selected in these different Dropdowns correctly affect a Repeating Group which now displays only the series corresponding to the user’s choices (a bit like a Product Page filtering by Color, for example).

Now my problem concerns the Search Box with which I would like to display only the series corresponding to the title searched by the user.

Let’s say I have a series titled “9mm Girls”. If I type “9mm”, the Search Box will autocomplete the title for “9mm Girls”. If I press Enter, all the series will appear in the Repeating Group, as if all series contains “9mm Girls” in their title or if the Search Box was empty. Now, if I write “9mm”, “9mm Girl” or even “9mm Girlss” and press Enter, only the series titled “9mm Girls” will appear in my Repeating Group as intended.

Why do I get the desired result in all cases except the most important one, which is having the full title written correctly?

Search Box settings:

Repeating Group settings:

Thank you in advance for your help! :pray:

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