Filtering repeating group with plug-in based data


I’m needing some help with repeating groups. I have two repeating groups. The first is displaying a list of time slots and the data is coming from a plug-in. The second is displaying some event items that I’ve added to Bubble’s database.

I’m trying to filter items in the second repeating group based on time slots in the first group but since the data of the first group isn’t in Bubble’s database, I’m not sure how to use the filtered function to display the event items in the proper time slots of the first repeating group.

Here is a link to the editor: eventsheet | Bubble Editor

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

When you do a search for event items in the inner repeating group, the date constraint should be modified. It should be something like checking Current Cell’s Date (which is the current cell of the outer repeating group). If you are for sure they are the same, you can just say date is Current Cell's date. If they may not be 100% same, you can get the day beginning and day end of the current cell’s date and check the date is between them or not.

From what I see in your editor, the inner repeating group is inside a group. You should pass the outer repeating group’s current cell’s date to the group so that the inner repeating group can have this information as well. In this case, your search constraint will be Parent Group's Date.

Simply, Group A will have data type date and data source will be Current Cell's Date:

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Ahh, I knew it was something simple. I forget the basics when I’m away from Bubble too long. Thank you.