Show information on repeating group according to the date

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I’m new on Bubble and I’m trying to build a simple app related to observation cards. My issue is: I want to show a list of information (repeating group) as per the current date.

Each observation has the following fields: Observer name, Date, Description, etc… So I would like to filter this information by date only showing on the repeating group the date I choose.

Eg.: My observation was added with yesterday date but today I don’t want to see this observation on the list, only if I select the yesterday’ date to show on repeating group.

I don’t know if I was clear, but the main point is to add a conditional related to the date of the input on repeating group.

Thank you in advance!!

The source of data for the RepeatingGroup is going to be a search. So make it a search for Observation.

Add the Date field as a constraint

You’re gonna do that twice. Keep in mind that the constraint fields all have to be true at the same time.

One constraint will be for Less Than and the other for Greater Than, based on the date you’re using as a search constraint.

You’re gonna take advantage of the “change seconds/minutes/hours to” function to force the search to look at the whole calendar day.

This example search will return a list of Entry things where the chosen-datetime is greater than the beginning of today and less than the end of today. Just change “current date/time” to whichever date you want to search with.


Thank you very much for the amazing help!! Now it’s working perfectly!

Is there any way to simplify the date entry? I mean, when the user is creating a card I don’t want to leave the option for the user to choose the date, I want to show (without the option to modify during the entry of the observation) just the current date but without Hour, minutes and second. Is there any way to do that?

When I classify the data type as date it shows automatically the standard format, as shown below.



Thank you in advance!

I’m not aware of a way to save a date without also saving a time. As far as I know they’re always saved together, but you can throw out the time data.

When you display the current date/time you can “format” it differently.

If none of the preset formats work, you can use “custom” at the bottom.

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Thank you very much for the hand!

take care!

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