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How do I add data to a repeating group based on the current date, irrespective of time

Hi how’s it going?

I have a simple 3 column dataframe I’d like to add to a repeating group in bubble. The data contains one column representing the date (without the time), and I’d like the bubble page to automatically display the values from the other two columns in the repeating group, depending on the current date.

I tried inserting dynamic data → do a search for → … however it’s only letting me filter the data based on the current date/time. I just want it to display based on the data. Today’s December 16th 2021, so all day today it should display the rows corresponding to today’s date, regardless if it’s 12:01 am or 11:59 pm.

What’s the best way of going about this?

Thanks so much for your help and have a great day!

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All dates include a time (a date is a timestamp of a specific moment in time, to the nearest milisecond).

So, to filter objects who’s date/time falls into ‘today’ you need to use two constraints on the search:

Date ≥ Current Date/Time: rounded to Day
Date < Current Date/Time: rounded to Day: +(days) 1

Where is the option to round the datetime? I’m not able to access that. Or even the option to add a day to the current day I’m not able to find.

Those options should all be there anytime you’re working with a ‘Date’:

Ah I see now. Thanks so much I really appreciate it.

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