Filtering repeating groups by "List of texts"

Hi guys,

I’m currently trying to setup a repeating group to show a list of jobs which can then be filtered by various dropdown menus. I’ve managed to get this working fine, but the issue comes when trying to filter by data which contains a “list of texts”. In this instance, it is the “cities” and “categories” fields. Both of these fields are “list of texts” fields so they can have multiple values. You can see the setup I’ve tried in the screenshot, but unfortunately, it does not work at all. If a user selects an option from one of these dropdown menus, it displays 0 results?

Any ideas how to do this?

thanks so much

Hi @josh7 - I didn’t see a screenshot but here are two quick thoughts for troubleshooting

  1. Remove either “cities” or “categories” in your RG search and run the app to see if one of those is causing an issue with your RG.
  2. Look to make sure that you actually have values in your database such that the RG search will get a hit (“measure twice, cut once”)

Thanks so much for this Nikolai. I tried this and then immediately realised what the problem was. It was a privacy setting that I had not enabled. All sorted now. Thanks so much for your advice :slight_smile:

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