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Tinder Isn't Able To Limit Cards Based On Dropdowns or Searcboxes?

The Tinder pile is a great interface but I’m having a problem limiting the cards it shows. I successfully stopped it from showing the Current User’s Image in the pile through “Do a Search->User” and added a Constraint of “User Name <> Current User Name” as I don’t want them to be able to match themselves.

But I’d like people to also be able to use a simple dropdown (eg for Food Choice = Vegetarian), so that the pile only shows Users whose Food Choice = Vegetarian. I loaded the Dropdown with Static Choices and then I used the Constraint on the Tinder Pile of “User Food = Dropdown’s Value”, which I thought would work but for some reason it doesn’t. It also wouldn’t work for a Searchbox. The pile just shows all users, except for the Current User, so that constraint still works.

My Database is simple enough:

Type: User
User Name: text
User Food: text
Image: Photo

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Worst comes to worst either condition the pile to when dropdown is veg. Data source is this… or when dropdown is veg this pile not visable and have another pile thats data source is veg. And is visable when dropdown is veg.

Hi Jarrad,

Thanks for your reply!

I think I tried every possible Conditional. Hiding things is a workaround, but then the page can get pretty heavy pretty fast.

I’ve resorted to making my own crude Tinder like pile with a horizontal repeating group, doing the trick :smile: