Final tweak I need to complete my app. Help Please!

Thank you for taking the time to help with this issue.

I have a field with 300 things. Each thing has its own Visual Group that represents it. Each group is different. It could be a form, video, just text, or some other weird stuff.
All groups are hidden on page load and have a conditional to be visible when its thing is selected. This works fine.

Here’s the caveat: loading speed in the live app for the end user and a slow bubble editor.
There are 2000+ elements on a single page while only 4-5 groups are needed in a session.

Is there something I can do to “call” a group without loading everything else?

My app is made up of 2 pages. is the main one. Go to any “tool” and press “Do” to access the page with 300 groups (
Merging them into one page increases the initial loading time. and makes the Bubble editor too buggy/slow. However, it improves UX a lot.

Can you think of a way to make it seem like one page even though it isn’t?

Here are ways I thought of:

  1. Embed HTML webpage of This technically works but each time I want to display data on that webpage, it has to load all over again. Is there a way to change the parameters/data of that page without having it load all over again?

  2. Divide the 300 things into ~30 pages with ~10 groups each and call a different webpage each time the user chooses a thing. That’ll make loading faster for the user and somewhat easier for me to update and add groups when needed.

P.S. I know that most visual elements are only loaded when visible but there’s still a lot of other stuff that have to load (plugins, APIs, fonts, etc.). I might be wrong about the previous sentence. Anyways, The main page uses no plugins and much fewer complications/elements so I want to keep it independent (if possible).

Sorry I don’t know what title to put.

Thank you very much!

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