Need advice on speeding up a load time

Hi – this is something an experienced Bubbler may be able to answer.

I have a Popup Group that is taking some time to load, like 6-7 seconds on first load. I am trying to decrease that time and there are a couple of things I could do. Because it would take some significant time to implement the below, I am wondering if they would have any impact.

Questions are:

  1. Within the Popup Group, I have 25 Groups that currently act as containers to keep 25 lists organized. But the 25 Groups technically are not required. They are just there for convenience since it allows me to easily move lists around and find the best layout. Question: Would deleting 25 Groups have any noticeable impact on performance?

  2. Each of the 25 lists needs its own Custom State to hold items selected/deselected by users. Right now each of these Custom States is assigned to the Group holding the list. Instead, I could assign those 25 custom states to the Popup Group. From a Custom State perspective, is 1 group holding 25 custom states faster/slower/same vs. 25 groups each holding 1 custom state?

Many thanks in advance!

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Hi @ed727 - did you ever find your answer to this? I have a similar situation.

I didn’t get an answer directly on this.

Regarding Q1, I did some experimentation comparing a popup with 25 groups to one with no groups, and it didn’t seem to visibly impact load time.

Regarding Q2, some discussion on that in the below post. Consensus was apply them where it makes sense; no one brought up load time differences:

I figured out a solution to the overall problem I was having and described it here:

good stuff, thanks!