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Finally! I Launched My FIRST Bubble Application [500+ Marketing Resources & More]

Hey guys,
Sanju here.

Here’s a quick intro of me lol
I’m a Digital Marketer by profession & I run a marketing & advertising agency called

I joined the Bubble platform back in FEB 2020.
I had been working on an application ever since, trying to learn Bubble.

I always wanted to create a platform that works as a hub for all marketing resources.
Especially, the marketing strategies. That’s when I came across Bubble.

Started working on the platform called theHUB & finally it’s close to being fully set up.
We plan to curate it with a lot of content especially strategies over time & turn it into a heaven for marketers & business owners.

Currently, it features resources like

  • 1500+ Guest Blogging Sites
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Latest Marketing Updates
  • Algorithm Updates
  • Facebook Interest Explorer
  • User Queries Research Tool
  • 200+ Email Scripts & Sales Email Library
  • Ad Library
  • Ebooks & Templates
  • Search Operators based Google Search
  • Scripts Mapper
  • Community Portal
  • Consultation
    & plenty more…

There are still a lot of issues I need to fix.
Please have a look & let me know what you guys think.

Here -

It works only on a desktop.
This is because of the limitations & complexity of getting it to work on mobile.

It would also be great if you guys can give me suggestions on

  • Improving the Design
  • Improving the Speed & other Workflow

Thanks to all you guys for all the help.
The community had been super helpful in all phases.
If it weren’t for the community members, I wouldn’t have been able to complete this.

theHUB Love

I would like to mention some special people
@patricia @J805 @vladlarin @Nocodify @mikeloc @SerPounce @romanmg @Jici
Sorry if I didn’t mention anyone. I can’t tag more than 10 people. There’s just a lot of people.

Finally, @emmanuel @josh for building an awesome platform


Hey Sanju, great work! Just had a read through the landing page. Only comment I would have (and it’s just personal preference I guess) is the dividers between repeating group items:


Personally I think this may look better without any dividers.

Well done on launching!

@robhblake Thanks for the suggestion. I will make the change & check if that makes it look better. On the main dashboard, I use a similar RG, I had to use a divider there, so I kept it consistent. Will try it :heart:

The design looks amazing, me being new to bubble i didn’t know we could achieve something like this. But just a suggestion, when its on the mobile view, the page is too long to keep scrolling, don’t you think this would disinterest the viewer with a lot of content?

Thanks bro.
Ya, I will be eliminating the content. I’m trying to assess how well Bubble ranks for keywords.
The content is mostly for Googlebot and not users.

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Hi Sanju, great work ! I just signed up to take a look around.

Like @robhblake said, it is better to use dividers when it’s absolutely necessary. You can improve the overall visual balance of your design by adding spaces instead of dividers (between your sidebar items for instance).

Small detail, all of your text is Black #000000. If I were you, I would lower the opacity on every text that is not a title (70 or 80%).

CTAs : there are a lot of different colors in there ;). It is hard to know what is really important, what I should do next : Explore sites ? Upgrade ? Generate Scripts ? I would choose one primary style for what’s important and a secondary style for everything else.

If you ever work on a mobile version, here is a great tutorial to make the sidebar responsive and user-friendly on mobile ! I use this technique very often.
Build a left-floating menu in - YouTube

Great work !

Noted @therealcisse , thanks a lot for the suggestions.
I will have the divider & text color updated. I’m planning to work on mobile versions once I fix a couple of issues with the desktop one like pagination.
Currently, it gets laggy if someone loads too much content of an RG and switch to a different tab & also the strategies popup sometimes take a bit of time to load up.

Gotta fix these issues.
Please do suggest if you guys have any suggestions for performance improvement.

@sanjuujosephh Hey congrats on your launch! It’s awesome. Great to see someone build such a cool website just using bubble.

However the landing page items are too large on my computer (Macbook Air 13 Inch). Also top Nav Bar items are not clickable for some reason. Maybe look into it. QA testing wouldn’t be a bad idea to perform.

@bestbubbledev Thanks for checking it out bro.
Is it possible to share a screenshot? It would be helpful

I cannot access this app. Gets an error.