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Find Default signup

Is there a way to restore the default signup/login form? I made some adjustments to it (deleted the conditional states), on my way to learning the process. Now I’d like to bring it back. I opened up a practice app and tried to copy stuff over, but there are enough nooks and crannies to change things that I’m only making a bigger mess. I didn’t fully understand the custom states, and got frustrated because even though I updated the styles, the different modes didn’t update with it (I had to update the conditional states of the styles, too) - I finally figured out how to change the color of the green button on the hidden modes, in other words, and I’d like to get back all that functionality.

Any advice?

What you can do is use the element templates at the bottom of the new element palette. We have a sign up/ login form there. It’s not a popup, but you can replace it into a popup and that should just work.

Thanks. I thought I had looked at that, but my changes had infected that, too. Might have been mistaken there. I went ahead and re-constructed the parts. Seems to be working now. Awesome platform - do you have a tutorial for navigating the ‘code-speak?’ The places I’m struggling are rebuilding what would be simple SQL SELECT commands. I haven’t quite figured out how to use the ‘Search for’ in a reliable way there.


We don’t have that (and you shouldn’t try to think in a SQL way), but if you have issues, can you paste a screenshot of the situation (the search palette) and we can take from there?

So I made a mess of everything too… trying to replicate the Bubble log in and log out. Now I can’t get the Element Template (Sign up Log in Form) to work properly, as it won’t add the Log in and Sign Up buttons to my Header.

How do we reset this whole work set?

You can just reinsert a form using the element template at the bottom of the new element palette. It’ll come all new and fresh :smile:

OK, by opening a test app, I have realised that the default header has all the functionality for Log in, Sign in, including the PopUp Element Sign up template.

BUT, the workflow needs to be edited for the post log in etc. landing pages, and the Pop up [My account / Dashboard / Log out] needs to be added.

I’ll try again.

OK… this time I have realised that the default Header has the Log In and Sign Up buttons which are prelinked to the Element Template Login SignUp Form. If you mess with the Header, the log in and sign up don’t work any more.

So what we need is

  1. the ability to reset the default Header and Template Elements, OR
  2. to make a copy of these, and name them DEFAULT, so that we can go back to them when we mess up.

Here is my working version of the “Bubble Log In”. Hopefully @emmanuel can drop it into the Forum App for people to see how it functions.

Can you copy paste it in the forum app? That’d be the best way to share it.