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Find My Friends: Possible to build a location based app (a mix of Waze and Glympse)?

I have GPS coordinates for an off-road motorcycle trail system (similar to mountain bike trails) and would like to build an app that would allow riders see the location of other riders. This would make it easy to find other people to ride with, or find friends that started riding before you did, etc.

It would be kind of similar to Waze (where you can see other logged in ‘Wazers’) or Glympse (where you can share your location), but only for a very small geographic area (I am talking about only hundreds or acres).

Also, I run a small off-road motorcycle forum (powered by Discourse, just like this one) for my friends and I to be able to chat, tell riding stories, etc., and would like the login process to be seamless between the forum and the app. What I mean is one would have to first register as a member on the forum and then use the same credentials (username and password) to login to the app.

Is any or all of this even possible for someone with very little coding skills, or am I simply asking for way too much?

This would be cool, I am looking for similar function for one of the app I am trying to create for a uni project with my team.

Lot’s of work that needs to be done, but definitely possible.

First for the Discourse login, I know @supernaturally was looking into this and might have some input

For having a User’s location you will need to attached a Geographic address field on the User, and then a Do Every so many seconds to update the location (if it is ‘live’ and showing where they are moving)

Haven’t done this myself but some other discussions in the forums for people who have done this while building Uber clones, etc.

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