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Finding a developer

Wondering if there’s a specific place for reaching out to developers or is this the best? About to check the normal virtual assistant sites to see what i see.

Long story short, i have an app that’s been running for about 4 years, built it for my brother when i was working for him. It’s very much one company specific type thing. over the years we’ve added features n such, but again all with just his company in mind. Just realized that it’s been helping him for four years, it’s gotta be useful to others. So need help with turning it into it’s own thing where users can sign their own company up etc.

Things that’ll need done are:
-removing some specific features that weren’t a good idea to begin with but met the need of his specific business.
-Improving the UI
-Adding customizations for companies that want to do things a little different

Honestly if you’re skilled and have a lot of experience and templates, the best thing might be to rebuild it or start from your own previous builds.

I started doing it myself, but truth is i work full time and a lot of bubble has changed in the last few years. Spent a few hours doing it yesterday but kept finding new features that would be awesome, but the time to learn them added time to me doing this and instead of a few day project it’s gonna end up taking a month lol.

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Hey Chascow. I like your username. I am the founder of and we just launched the ability to post projects and receive proposals from our existing vetted Bubble developers (who also do mentoring on our site). Feel free to post your project.



Thanks John,

Username is 20 years old lol, videogame name that just stuck.

Can I ask your opinion on something? I’m actually looking for a developer that’s interested in a share of the profit the app brings in. Is this something that NoCode developers are interested in? Or is this only in the coding developing world that they like it?

So you’re looking for a technical cofounder? I’m sure there are NoCode developers in general who are open to that but I think it probably depends on a bunch of factors (how much they believe in your idea, how much you’ll pay, what the profit share is, etc). Others in this forum can probably comment better on this. You might want to check out although I’m not positive what they are doing there. It looks like it might be some sort of accelerator / agency combination.

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Thanks dude


I can help if you’d like to chat more.

@lindsay_knowcode would be a good outlet too depending on the timezone or overall need!

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Created new thread for this.

Looking for Dev who works for equity :stuck_out_tongue: - Jobs / Freelance - Bubble Forum

Check us out at

If you would like to work with us, fill out our “Custom Request” form.