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Finding an element used in an action / event

I am currently working on a page that has to allot of elements and tracking, finding all of them is a constant headache. Is it be possible to add below a few simple links in the editor that will make everyone’s life a bit easier?

  1. Go to Element or Focus on element from workflow

Couldn’t you use the search element feature? Next to the page selection.

Of course I can do that. But you have a page lots of elements it’s quicker than typing the name in.

The button I want to add should do the same action as Reveal in elements tree but location in the workflow.

Ahh, I think I understand now.

The same type of action that the “issues” popup has except that it would be a static button when working with workflows?

When it’s clicked, it focuses the element regardless of where you are in the app?

I can’t confirm this right now but I’m pretty sure you can do that if you right click the event box. I feel like there’s a “reveal element” button that does what you’re asking. Will confirm soon…



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