"Reveal in element tree" option does not work

The “Reveal in Element Tree” button is not working like it used to. Even clicking on it several times the tree element is not revealed. I don’t need to detail how much this affects my productivity and consequently makes my work difficult.


We all know how the processes in our apps work: we apply corrections and improvements and in some cases bugs arise and consequently users notice, report and suffer until a correction is applied.

Well, with Bubble it’s no different, and I’m one of the users who noticed the possible bug, I reported it and I’m going to suffer until the fix is applied.

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They have known about it for at least the past 5 days (although I didn’t submit a bug report)

The new update to the element tree came with a lot of issues. One of the big ones is that this reveal in elements tree function no longer works, and yes, it does cause implications for our productivity.


I’m curious to know how you’re selecting the element to get the property editor to appear.

It seems to me that the new new functionality should render the “Reveal” button obsolete. IOW, it seems to me that selecting an element - by whatever means - should do the following:

  • Select the element on the canvas
  • Scroll the element into view on the canvas
  • Highlight the element in the elements tree
  • Scroll the element into view in the elements tree

I say “should” because I’ve found two ways of selecting an element which don’t perform the last action:

  • Selecting an element using the element picker (which I use heavily)
  • Right clicking a workflow on the Workflows tab and choosing “Reveal element”

Both of the above actions do select and scroll to the element on the canvas, and both highlight the element in the tree, but neither scrolls to the element in the tree.

All that to say that if things were working as I think they should, the “Reveal” button simply wouldn’t be needed.

I haven’t yet reported my findings as a bug but plan to do so.

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Hello @Boston85719

It’s a very frustrating experience… I realized that we don’t have much to do other than wait for a solution.

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Just a quick addition: Revealing in the element tree is no longer necessary. The element tree is now incredibly intuitive; I solely focus on the left panel and ensure my elements are named correctly (for aesthetic purposes). However, if I could make a suggestion to Bubble (pretty please!), it would be to implement a feature that allows us to color our elements in the element tree. This would greatly enhance organization, indicating what we’ve completed and what requires attention next. It’s akin to using bookmarks in a book to mark where to resume reading. Many thanks in advance!

Hello @sudsy!

Are you curious to know how I am selecting the element so that the property editor appears?

Here it is: when clicking on the errors flagged by the editor, the element properties screen opens, but this is not enough to locate the element in the tree. So, I usually use the “Reveal in Element Tree” option, this allows me to quickly identify the element and make the correction.

I know there are other ways to locate the element, but I don’t know if they have the same speed.


“Revealing in the element tree is no longer necessary”.

Seeing you writing this is like someone punching me between the legs and you looking at me and saying: it doesn’t hurt (even though I feel the worst pain).

We use the same tool, but we have different ways of using it. For my needs, the “Reveal in element tree” option is necessary.

I understand your point, but let’s take a moment to consider why a feature exists. If you find yourself relying heavily on revealing elements in the element tree, it suggests that you may not have a clear sense of where everything is located on the canvas. This lack of clarity can lead to considerable frustration—I’ve been there myself. While it’s tempting to repeatedly click and reveal elements. In complex projects with numerous pages, floating groups, and multiple layers of subgroups, it’s essential to prioritize better organization. Investing time in mastering this skill early on will undoubtedly pay off in the long run, providing you with a significant advantage. Wishing you the best of luck!

Yeah, I actually discovered that since filing my bug report. That’s a 3rd way which should reveal the element in the tree but doesn’t. It does highlight the element in the tree, but it doesn’t scroll it into view. In fact, in that particular case, it doesn’t even scroll the element into view on the canvas/page either - at least not for a dropdown I tested.

So I agree there some some issues to address, but I don’t think “fixing” the button is the answer. I think auto-scrolling to the element in the tree and on the canvas whenever an element is selected is the proper fix.

I don’t disagree with you about the need for this organization. I care about identifying the main elements, but I’m not pragmatic enough to identify 100% of the elements, as my level of organization already allows me to quickly navigate and find each session. I consider the element tree my best friend within the editor, I feel like I have a great affinity and mastery in this part of the editor - probably because I’ve worked with other tools with element trees.

What I’m trying to say is that even if I were the master of element trees, I would still miss the smooth functioning of the feature I’m complaining about here.

I don’t really see this problem as organizing the tree elements, but rather finding the element quickly without having to query the tree, even though I have enough organization to find it in the tree. Making an analogy: the fact that I know all the streets in a city doesn’t make me faster than a click that takes me to the desired destination.

My organization allows me to live without the “Reveal in element tree” option, but if it exists and allows me greater agility, why not use it?

One detail: I work in a SPA (Single Page Application). I can’t estimate the number of elements, but I tested it by scrolling down the tree and it took me 14 seconds. And no, I didn’t scroll slowly, I did it at a speed where I myself had difficulty reading the text of the elements.

Maybe not for you, but for the majority of users it is necessary.

Please don’t it will make it even more cluttered and the same way the workflows colors causes everything to just drown in color and become less easy to see, this idea will make the elements tree a complete mess…but yeah, maybe for some users it would be helpful.

When working in real apps, it is very easy to not remember where EVERYTHING is…the reveal elements tree is necessary as there are so many reasons a real developer would need to use this. Not everybody is able to keep so much information on top of mind. And the idea that somebody can not recall where every single element is located, does not at all imply they have a lack of clarity.

Yeah…because despite the fact that somebody may know that ‘Group User Investment Balance Details’ is a child element of XYZ which is a child element of ABC which is a child element of 123 which is a child element of 789 which is a child element of !@# it still takes multiple clicks in the tree to open up the ‘Group User Investment Balance Details’, whereas the Reveal this element in the Element tree opens it up with a single click and scrolls to it and opens the element inspector, so as to speed up development which is most helpful for serious developers and still helpful even for those that are weekend warriors.

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I seriously don’t understand how the user experience team thinks is a good idea to change Editor things without a button for the user to change to the old one.

Big updates like this rarely go 100% right and never arrive with 100% acceptance. I saw that on the shared apps and thought it look quite weird (and it takes a bigger screen space), so I was ignoring the updates. Then geniuses went to bother my boss advising him to update. Now this slowed the whole team until we learn how to get around this clumsy interface. I feel like I’m back in photoshop’s first versions.


How is this still not resolved? Very bad decision to enforce all this without an option to revert, at least until serious issues like this are not taken care of.
Canceling my subscription for now, even though a few weeks ago I was looking for ways to invest in Bubble if possible, but such actions make the whole product suspicious.

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It’s a nice suggestion. But if you’re working on someone else’s app and trying to fix things you didn’t make, this is a mute point

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