Select element in editor from workflows pane

Can we have this? Is it already there and I’m missing it?

Maybe also have the “Reveal in elements tree” flow automatically apply when we click it?

Not a huge deal when I build from the ground up but this would help when I work with other devs’ projects (and I’m sure they with mine. Naming stuff consistently is hard).

You can use the “Start/Edit Workflow” button.

Yes, I mean a vice-versa (from workflow to editor).

Unfortunately, I don’t think that button exists. It’s probably because not every event or action is associated with an element.

However, if you name your elements uniquely, or even semi-uniquely, it shouldn’t be too hard to find it by going back to the Design tab and typing its name into the Pick an element… bar. A few extra clicks that would be nice to save in the future, but hopefully this helps for now!


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There is a right-click > Reveal the element option for this. Or have I misunderstood what you’re after?

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That’s the one thanks! Didn’t know it existed, you’re a star :star2:

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