[Fintech (ish) app] Built a financial database with 15,000 entries

Hola nocoders! :man_dancing:

I just built a fintech (ish) app. It’s a curated database of financial data of more than 15,000 private Swedish companies.

Using the database you can build your target investment criteria, start your deal sourcing process, save interesting companies as well as access default DCF-valuations.

The raw data is scraped from available public resources, and further curated according to users’ preferences

Check it out, would love some feedback on the first version :smiley:

Thanks @Thimo for the data grid plugin!

Thanks team bubble for the ability to upload large amounts of data.



PS. The mobile version is limited and not entirely responsive yet, so bear with me.


Very nice! I will definitely use this. What table/data table are you using out of curiosity? It is really nice!

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Thanks @schnetzlerjoe

I am using the data grid plugin from @Thimo --> https://bubble.io/plugin/table--grid-1593724959866x956106696186921000

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do you have a live beta version I can look at

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