Need help with database structure for lightweight fintech app

Hola NoCoders :slight_smile:!

I need some advice from the community.

I have a huge amount of financial data on Swedish companies (everything is available publicly here if you know how to look), and I’m building a simple database-app for deal sourcing (M&A) in the Nordics countries, primarily for my own use.

The data is currently in .csv so I will upload it to Bubble. My questions is how should I optimally structure the database?

Each company has financial information such as all items from the income statement, balance sheet, financial metrics, and som misc. And each data exists for multiple years.

So say, Company A:

Turnover year 1: 10
Profit year 1: 2

Turnover year 2: 15
Profit year 2: 3

Turnover year 3: 20
Profit year 3: 4

…you get the picture…

All help really appreciated, really want to make it work on Bubble!