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Firebase Authentication with JSON Web Token

I am trying to initialize my first GET API call to my Firebase Database project using the JSON Web Token Authentication method but I am getting the error above. I am struggling to decypher what the message is.

I have copied the private_key exactly as it is in the json file.

Help is much appreciated.

Here is a snippet of my API Connector call

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I think you should not include the β€œβ€”β€”Begin Private Keyβ€”β€”β€” β€œ part and the end part too. Just a thought.

according to the Bubble docs here you have to include the parts β€˜-----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----’ and β€˜-----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----’. I did try it without but I get the same error.

Ahh, ok. Well, hopefully someone else can chime in to help. :slight_smile: Hope someone has an answer.

Hey Rogelio,

Do you manage to solve this?

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Im my case I needed to change Private Key \n by an Enter.
I am runing on Windows. With a text editor I replaced all \n by an Enter.
Yes all data :