Firebase setup for chat

hello guys,

I need to consult with somebody with Firebase DB exp to use it for a chat feature in my app (my chat is very slow). Ideally 1 hr will do, I want to save time not money.

I know the link to the REST real time db, I know the calls I will use, the Json structure I will use, I know how to make API calls, …Like I said I want to save me 5-7 days of reading documentation/figuring things out by paying somebody to consult for an hr

I already:

  1. created a Firebase project
  2. created an app
  3. copied the sdk/cdn code snippet into my body page
  4. tried to make the call but doesn’t recognize my credentials


Once I get some help I will post a Firebase-Bubble guide here for the benefit of mankind (or should I say bubblekind)

thanks gracias obrigado xie xie

@chris.williamson1996 @mangooly @NigelG that I know are Firebase masters

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How far are you? I can share how to cal your bucket and return object from Firebase that function like bubble things using server side actions. This is slow though

I can use client side action to return lists and would be happy to share that as well if you’re interested.

I’m sure there are others here with much more experience than me


here is an example of login in a user via a client side action, and returning the ‘uid’ and ‘email’ as a bubble list of objects containing the 2 named fields.

checkout the code!

Firebase is a JWT auth, is that what you are using?