Moving to firebase

I have questions regarding moving to firebase DB.
1: Is it possible to completly move to firebase from bubble and still use the app?
2: Can that be achieved using zeroqode datalink plugin? @levon @ZeroqodeSupport
3: Does it mean that everytime in my app where i do a database call (make changes to a thing, etc’) i will be making an api call to firebase through a plugin?


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Hi @tomerlan5,

Thanks for reaching out. Yes, it is possible, and in case you refer to this plugin - yes, you’ll need to make an API call via plugin actions each time.

Best regards,
Zeroqode Team

Do you know anyone who has done that?
Is that ill-advised?

I have made my own plug-in to use fire base for my own purposes. I prefer it over bubbles database, however it’s not as easy to work with. Namely you have to make your own plug-in. The plug-in that I had created used to completely client side actions so there were no calls to a API. It was also able to greatly reduce the server load for my free app. Just some food for thought there


Hey Jared,
Thanks for the reply.
what functionalities did you need that the existing plugins did not provide?
And how could you not make an api call? on every query you are using firebase database, that has to be done through an api call no?

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That’sa a good question. And I’ll clarify. I misspoke. I shouldn’t say there’s no calls to an API, there’s just no calls to the server using the rest API connector bubble provides. All calls are done client side using the fire base SDK.

I have nothing against the available plugins either. I created mine because I wanted to learn more about how I can expand my bubble apps with a little code.

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Thanks, Jared I really appreciate your response.
Just one question left in my mind, did that mean you completely moved away from using bubble’s DB ? like every call is completely external?
Or (if the answer is no) do you create a datatype and the send it? or request it?

I have an entire DB in Firebase due to building a truly native app with Thunkable. That app sends data to Firebase. But, thunkable doesn’t do webapps well. So I had to use this solution

I feed data to Firebase. It handles both data and authentication.

When the user wants to see their data more easily they can log into the front end I built with bubble that uses Firebase auth and DB as the backend.

I use 0 of the bubble database to make this work. I feel like this may be the best option for my use case but definitely not for everybody. Having all your stuff in 1 house is nice for maintenance purposes but Firebase is fast, easy enough, and super reliable so I didn’t try to migrate


Hi Jared!

Could you share your plugin or some code of your plugin?

Sorry, it’s a private plug-in I made. Do you have specific questions I could answer perhaps?

I want to export my existing bubble data base to firebase how can I do it please @jared.gibb