Firefox users: what extension do you use to monitor responsive views?

Sooo, strongly considering switching from Chrome to Firefox because of crashing issues (yes, I know there are things I can do to address this and I am working through them, but I’d like to stay true to the topic of this post).

One of the features I love about Chrome, is the responsive viewer extension so that I can see how my changes look at various screen sizes. I am wondering what the best way to monitor this in Firefox is (and before you say that Bubble has a new responsive viewer feature, just want to mention that I don’t love it - I like being able to see multiple screen sizes at once, so I’m hoping Firefox has a feature similar to the responsive viewer in Chrome).

Do you have a Firefox extension that you love and can recommend?

Firefox has this developer edition where you can get exactly like the chrome responsive viewer plus many more widgets to analyze the design, play with it etc. Maybe check it out: Firefox Developer Edition


Ooh, I’ll check it out. Thanks!

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even without that browser they have developer console where you can click for mobile view and change screen

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@calicass83 firefox is awesome - I’d highly recommend the ‘containers’ extension made by firefox. It means you can have different sessions for each tab group (so you can log in as 6 different users at once :slight_smile: )

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Appreciate the suggestion! I’ll check it out!

I’ll check it out, thanks!