Looking for 1-on-1 Coaching

Hey there. I am brand new to bubble and am having a hard time getting started. I have gone through the tutorials and lessons and have even watched most of the Coaching Bubble videos on YouTube.

In the absence of a comprehensive video tutorial series (like Fast Track from Coaching Bubble, which is closed to new enrollment at present) I am willing to pay a Bubble expert to coach me as I attempt to build my app.

Please let me know if you’re interested in a coaching gig where we would connect over skype and email. I anticipate the meetings to be quite frequent at the beginning and begin to taper-off as I become more familiar and comfortable working on Bubble.


Hello, are you looking for coaching for Bubble in general or for a specific kind of application?

I am looking for general coaching but am in the process of building an app so I will have specific questions along the way.

I know that @copilot does coaching as well as tutorials that are well crafted… also, @gregjohnkeegan over at nocoder.co has opened up his services for coaching.

I have purchased content from both, and if their coaching is anything like their tutorials, they are going to be two avenues you may want to explore.

As @jballou stated, but if you still would like some help you can contact me through my email webddeslgn101@gmail.com

Sent you a private message.


Happy to help you out on this. Have trained 5 people (without any background) on bubble so far. Lets connect on skype to see how we could work this out. I am at anilamesur on skype.