First item on a repeating group

Hello, I am new here at bubble forum.

I want to have the first item on a repeating as a button for adding into the same repeating group. Here is a screenshot of the general idea.

Can somebody tell me please how can I have the first item on a repeating group different and as a button?

Thank in advance.

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You can use the option (visible or not visible). Access the element conditional “sheet”.

Can you explain this to me?, I am really new at bubble. Thanks.

A repeating group, for definition supposed to be everything equal. But if you don’t want to show something at element have the option to be visible or invisible. You have to add a condition for show the button just for the firt element, at this case.


I had this challenge as well. The best turnaround I found is the following.

I used the repeating group from Group 2 and Group 3 only and used the “:items from #2” option at the end of my dynamic expression (list) in the data source.

Above the repeating group, I created:

  • a standalone group for the “+” group
  • a standalone group for the item #1 (your Group 1). In the Source of that group I used the same expression as the repeating group and ended it with “:first item”.

I hope it helps,

I’ve achieved this by automatically creating a new thing in this group’s data source with a unique name, say, “emptycellnewbutton”. Then you have to:

  • Data source is first, just the data that contains “emptycellnewbutton” merged with the rest of the data.
  • It this cell contains name “emptycellnewbutton” then make 1. cell’s content invisible, and this + button visible.

This will ensure that your button is always first, and the rest of the data second.



This sounds like a good to way to implement this. Could you share some screen grabs showing how you:

  1. Created the new “emptycellnewbutton” item
  2. Merged that with the rest of the data
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