First Post - QR Scan - data sent straight to DB

Hey folks - new bubbler here and wondering if you good folks can help with strategy and direction. I’m looking for a way to scan QR codes containing various data e.g. price, description, weight etc.

The user fires a custom webpage (on their cellphone) that asks for permission to use the camera. Once permission is allowed, a scan reads the info and stores each value in a corresponding field within the Database i.e. price goes to price, weight to weight etc.

P.S. we have no interest in QR ‘generation’ as our labels are pre-printed in the millions already - we just require a scan function by way of a fancy looking front-end. We’ve achieved this in a React PWA already but now wish to migrate to bubble to take control of styling etc.

I’ve been told this isn’t possible (currently) and that the data, once scanned, must reside externally in the cloud somewhere and bubble can call it in. This is not ideal- I’d much prefer everything under the same hood.

Finally, if anybody is up for doing this as a consultancy project, PM me please. All the best.

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