Fitness management app?

Hi Bubble users,

I want to create a fitness app where you can buy classes/credits and then use those to book in-person group classes on the same website. It would require integration with 3rd party payments as Stripe and Paypal are not optimal for my region.

Is this possible with Bubble?


Definitely possible, and not too difficult.

You’ll need to find a payment processor you can use on your country, then you’ll need to become familiar with their API and how to access it from within Bubble (unless there’s a Bubble plugin for it), which will take a bit of work.

But other than that, it should be straightforward enough.

Thanks ! I will give it a try

@parkito Yea I think your biggest “hurdle” would be getting the payment processor to work. Everything else you described is pretty easy in bubble and totally doable. I Would start with the processor. Get it up and running then try everything else. :+1: