[Fix] More APIs now support sorting / filtering on results

Hi all – we had a known issue where certain APIs (notably, Facebook, Pinterest, and the Bubble App Connector among others) did not support filtering or sorting on lists returned by the API. That issue should now be fixed for the majority of APIs. If you still see the message “Filtering on this type of thing is currently not supported” or “Sorting on this type of thing is currently not supported”, please email support@bubble.is with details on what you’re doing, and we’ll investigate.


Sorry Josh, how do I leverage this feature?

Hey @alex5, this refers to using the “Get data from external API” data source, then using the “:filtered” or “:sorted” messages on the results. Previously, this worked for some APIs but would give errors in run-mode for other APIs; the fix we released expanded the set of APIs this will work correctly with.

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thank you @josh