Fixed navigation bar is not stretching

I have a fixed navigation bar on the bottom of the screen for mobile users only. But the icons are not next to each other but above eacht other. Ofcourse i want it to be next to each other. How can i fix this?

Did you used the Responsive tab?
Try to anchor those elements on the left of the page.
If it’s still not work you can try to put each element in a group and make these groups stick/touch together.

The minimum width is set to 20%. That equals to 214px which is why you see the buttons stacked. They wont fit side by side in a 214px wide group.

Try this…if useful

So now i changed the width etc, but when you open it on a for example Iphone SE phone, it looks like this:

It should look like this ofcourse:

So mine point is that it is not 100% responsive, can i change this so it becomes responsive?

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