FIXED : We lost the REFRESH DATA button in DB ✅

I lost the REFRESH data button. Anybody? You need to refresh your browser.
update: confirmed @nickc

and now:

Yep… and the ‘Load 50 More Items’ button…

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Same here… and the font of the headings on the data tabs looks weird, too. Seems like @bubble busted something.

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I think that address @bubble isn’t working anymore.

Oh, I thought it did. Josh actually said at one point to tag that address in cases like this one in order to give the broader team visibility into a potential issue.

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Yup this happened as I was trying to figure out my RG issue of doom.

I wonder if bubble is messing with things again

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I haven’t seen any pings from, but I’m seeing general Bubble flakiness ATM. My little test/dev app for Floppy, for example, is being stubborn to load, causing the issue checker to report a bunch of issues that aren’t actually going on. Basically, I wouldn’t be freaked out by anything odd you’re experiencing right now.

I was going to do a little (probably long) video about Floppy’s step mode, but I guess that’ll just have to wait for a bit. It’s nearly cocktail hour here anyway…

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… though now that Bubble is acting more normally again, the refresh data and load more options do seem to be missing (I think they might be there in the page but just hidden/overflowing or something). Maybe someone that’s really bothered by this issue could submit a Bubble bug report.

And, indeed, inspecting the page shows that the refresh button is just being overrun by bad behavior in the table:

So it’s still there, you just can’t get to it to click it. Cool, cool, Bubble.


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I also noticed the refresh on database gone. And also data from some of my fields is gone too. Ah I hope this is fixed asap

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Yeah the editor and dev preview hasn’t been performing the best today

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If you use dev tools to remove the “Big” headings above the table then the refresh data and load more data are visible/clickable.

This is a work around if you really need to use them.


It’s fixed. Thanks Bubble.

Would love for them to reply to this thread and say something like … “OOPS… Sorry!”…

Some community involvement would be splendid.

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I’m not sure about yall, but this is still wonky for me. A few days ago, I noticed that if I had two editor tabs open simultaneously, it impacted one of them.

Now I’m seeing it across the board.

With no response, I submitted a bug report for this when @JohnMark initially posted.

@bubble @nickc @grace.hong @kathleen @manasi


I am still experiencing this also!

I spoke with support—this is an issue related to the Immediate vs. Scheduled release tiers, or at least it coincides with it.

If you’re on Scheduled release and want to use the refresh data or load 50 more buttons, you need to switch back to Immediate release for that duration. They’re working on a fix.

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