Whack thing happening with the DB.. anyone else?

Hey all,

My database is being whack… I am creating things, but then upon page load they are not loading.

What’s even more strange is that at no point can I see any of these items in the DB via the editor even tho I can see them in a repeating group when they are created but before the page is refreshed

Not seeing any weird database stuff here… can you share some screenshots?

I’m guessing you have submitted a bug report already, but if you haven’t, you probably should.

Oh, and happy anniversary… I have literally never seen that little cake beside someone’s name before.

Haha awesome I get cake!!!

Thanks Mike

Here is proof of record
Screenshot 2024-01-28 at 10.45.10 am

Here is an empty database table

I’ve refreshed, log out and in, I even restarted my computer, cause you never know.

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I know this isn’t the case, but I gotta ask… it’s not a development vs. live database thing, right?

Fair question but no same version… In fact this datatype hasn’t even been pushed to live so it’s (hopefully) an impossibility

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@mikeloc Do you know if there has been any issues with creating a thing place in an input has been changed within a new table element?

Top and bottom error are from 2 different inputs in a table…

The middle one is from a button outside of said table

Sorry, I haven’t really used the new table element… been steering clear until they button it up some more.

The thing is being created, so it’s odd that it’s not showing up in the editor… could be bug report time.

For what it’s worth I really love the bubble table element… Saves a bunch of time and you can make it look quite neat

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I have been having an issue where if I create a record in the data tab, it will not show up until I refresh bubble

Does the datatype show up when you refresh bubble?

Funnily enough, I’ve seen something similar happening in a users’ app who I assisted during training sessions who was building a workout app, with similar fields as yours. There was an issue in which the data was clearly created, but not in the database for some reason, and another issue in which the filtering was behaving very strangely as well.

Yep… I’ve been having major issues all week with this stuff…

Real-time data is not working at all.

Data isn’t showing up in the database (app data tab).

Data edited inside a Table element is either not updating at all, or changes are being made to the wrong item.

Also, the Table element itself causing apps to crash, just by being there - seems to trigger the ‘Too many events at once’ error that lots of people have been mentioning in the forum lately.

I don’t think the database issues are related to the Table element… I can reproduce them in apps that don’t have use Table element… so it seems to be two completely separate problems.

Haha bubble hates fitness

Are you potentially using display data to populate the group/rg? In that case the auto update won’t work and you would need to refresh the page

It doesn’t get much more concerning than this

I know everyone in this thread knows (and you probably get sick of hearing it, and rightly so), but pile on with the bug reports for this stuff (if you haven’t done so already) to make sure we create a sense of urgency here for @bubble.